One more week!

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It is today Tuesday 14 November 2017 and today exactly over a week I am already at Schiphol Airport! The past few weeks have flown past with preparations, fun with friends and family and rule days. Yes I have had to prepare a lot to be where I am now, but I am excited to go! I look forward to going to Australia:). In addition, I now notice that the jitters are starting to come. And especially because of the long journey. Because I'm going to fly for almost 20 hours! My first flight to Hong Kong departs on Tuesday at 12:45 hours from Schiphol, where I will be landing in Hong Kong after 11 hours and from where I will fly at night, at 23:55 to Sydney. During the day in Hong Kong I have a dayroom where I can refresh myself from the first long flight. Wednesdaynight I fly to Australia where I am after a flight of 9 hours on Thursday afternoon in Sydney! That day we will take it easy, but first we will make a group photo for the Opera House!

Planning first few days in Sydney
Arriving in Sydney where I am brought to the hostel with a shuttle and a welcome word by the Sydney team. With the closure of a real Australian BBQ on the roof terrace!

Friday is a real regeldag where I open my Australian bank account, a Tax File Number application So I can work, a postal address open so I can receive all your sweet tickets in Australia and get the YHA discount card. In addition, I listen to the travel talk in which they tell about all the must see and must do's in Australia and New Zealand.

Today a day is planned to the Blue Mountains! It is a national park at about two hours drive from Sydney and the park is almost as big as the province of Utrecht! A guide shows the most amazing waterfalls, flora and fauna.
Night shows the Sydney team the nightlife of Manly. Manly is a trendy surf district in Sydney.

Today there is a city walk on the planning. Sail along the Opera House, walk through the rocks, visit a cosy market, walk through the botanical gardens and enjoy fantastic views from the Harbour Bridge.

Today I can choose whether I go with it or not. An excursion is planned, but it is optional. At the moment I don't know if I will be going to join this day. I do not know whether I am going to surf. Maarja If I never try it I don't know if it is something for me either. And maybe there is never a chance to try this. So I still doubt whether I'm going to follow the surf course. I will keep you informed at any rate!

So the first few days in Sydney are already nicely planned. In any case, I look forward to it! I'm going to try to post at least one blog entry every week, but I don't know if this will happen to me. But I will in any case try to keep you informed of my adventures in Sydney.

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