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Pfff, Jeez say, what not to at the time you want to “on vacation” for a longer time. What a hassle say. But in addition, let’s see that the Dutch law is not familiar with a working holiday, where I currently am preparing. They only know “on holiday” and emigrate and I fall there say exactly in between. Because after my travels I just come back to Netherlands. But anyway, enough complained now, I will even tell you where I am working.

At the moment you for an extended period of time (longer than 180 days) journey, your travel insurance. As a result, you are obliged to another travel insurance with a wider coverage. Now I have a good travel insurance also found that is valid at the time that I’m at work as an au pair. Because this is also doubtful! Furthermore it was for me a big dilemma if I take a briefcase or a backpack. I is the first six months in a permanent location, making a back pack is not very useful, given the stuff that I can take. There just fits in a back pack less baggage than in a suitcase. But at the moment I take away a suitcase, I have a problem while traveling. Because a suitcase is much clumsier than a backpack to lug around.
Now I have decided to bring a suitcase, mainly because I already have a suitcase and no backpack. And the money I save I can now spend on fun things in Australia!

Still four weeks
About four weeks I am going already gone! And luckily I have almost all the preparations already hit such as travel insurance, air ticket and accommodation for the first few nights in Sydney. But I notice that there is still a lot to resolve. Namely, what am I going to all take? And that is tremendously tricky, mainly because I’m away from home for such a long period. I can not take my entire wardrobe! So that is making choices and smart suits. In addition, I notice that I have a fair number of beauty care products to use at home and this I can also, unfortunately, not all of them. So that is quite a challenge to decide what I take away a home late!

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