Hi, welcome to my website: I explore the world!

I’m Jeanette Lohnstein, 26 years old and I live currently in Driel, a village right next to Arnhem. In 2017 I graduated at the HBO as online communications specialist at the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen. But right now I’m working on exploring the world.

Explore the world?
Why do I want so badly to explore the world? In recent years I’ve been a number of trips, including to New York, Florida, Turkey and France. By these journeys and experiences is the travel bug at me just grown. I want to now just see more of the world and experience new cultures through which I can broaden my own insights and world. That is why I have decided to not yet full-time after graduation to go to work, but first the world. In addition I had after my graduation less than “obligations”, such as a home and a full-time job, what made the choice easier for me just now.

This website?
I have created this website mainly to my family and friends can keep track of my adventures and stories. But in addition, the website also for other interested people that I want to rejoice with my stories. In addition, I also try to give tips for other (World).

I hope you enjoy my stories and I’ll put a smile on your face. I also hope to inspire you to travel and explore the world!